You’re a small business owner? A team leader?
Frustrated that you’re not quite having impact?

You tell stories all the time. Just not effectively.

Sharing but not getting the impact you wanted? Tried using stories to make your points stick or to land a key message but not having the results you expected?

Created for business owners and team leaders, the StoryMaking Academy will help you increase your impact, and I want to keep you in the loop before the Autumn launch. What might that impact look like?

  • Pitching a sales pitch. You want to win the sale right? The right stories will help you do that
  • Presenting a new strategy or plan to your team? The best stories will help them want in
  • Speaking at an event and want your audience to take action instead of nap? Deploying stories will help you do that
  • Marketing to people you’re sure you can help but not grabbing interest? Shared stories are critical

The StoryMaking Academy has a three-part magic to progress at your own pace, with the support you need to move on, without overwhelm.

Progress 1:

Progress 2:

Progress 3:

Why your storytelling isn’t working (yet)

You’ve probably seen stuff all over the internet at the moment saying “tell your story” – screaming at you like a demented parrot. But we all know that’s not working. Shouting that you should tell stories without telling you how is like saying to someone who can’t reach the top shelf: “You need to be taller”. Think of the StoryMaking Academy as set of steps you can stand on.

Don’t just ‘tell stories’ and pray. StoryMaking is about the right type of story in the right place at the right time… and told the right way. This is tactical. This is researched. This is stories-deployed-for-impact. This isn’t sitting around a campfire for the feel-goods!

The most common reasons I see for their stories fall flat are:

  • the story is about the person telling it (not their audience)
  • it’s just a chronology, not a story
  • it’s a hero story that’s too big a stretch from the audience’s position
  • the story isn’t structured the right way
  • it’s a 20 second story in a two minute box
  • the context stage is longer than the content stage of the story!

Those are the mistakes StoryMaking will help!

Progress 1: towards the magic – the StoryMaking start

Monthly Masterclasses

Interactive expert input from online monthly masterclasses – either from me or one of the nation and international special experts I work with. I’ve got a good great contacts list! And you get some say in what we cover next! Funding pitch? Marketing presentation? Report to the board? Team meeting?

Cost of sessions booked Individually? £275

Big Red Button Sessions

Want to know how to do something specific? Have a particular question about finding, using or making your stories? Ask in one of these online group coaching sessions and get expert in-put, as well as collaboration from the other people on the call! We’ll be running these when there’s not a monthly masterclass. You’ll get time-stamped videos too, so you can come back to it later.

Cost of booking individually? £225

Progress 2: closer to the magic – StoryMaking support

StoryMaking – the workbook!

I’ll send you a copy of my new book “StoryMaking”. It’s being released on Amazon for $26.50 but it’s yours for free – you’ll get a discount code and then Amazon will do the rest and zap it to you!

StoryMaking includes the content that got a standing ovation at last year’s national conference of the Professional Speaking Association of UK & Ireland… as well as other stuff too, of course!

Value if you buy it individually $26.50 / £21

Your StoryMaking Community

To keep you in touch; to give you access to all the other goodies; and to help you help each other; we’re building a dedicated app-community using HeartBeat.

There you’ll find answers to all the questions you might about what’s where!

Progress 3: embedding the magic – StoryMaking sequels

Sometimes the sequel is better than the first book! At any time in your membership you can take advantage of all the other options, most of them free. Why does it matter? Because Wham-Bam-ThankYou-Maam doesn’t work as well as ongoing support!

The Vault

The Vault is a large – and growing – set of resources. Videos, audios, PDFs downloads…

You’ll have access to these for as long as you’re a member, all with a sensible search system, so you can find what you want without slogging through the stuff that’s not relevant to your situation.

And of course, if you want a bit more, you can ask in the Community, or even ask in a Big Red Button session, for live advice.

Cheat sheets and templates

Exactly what it says on the tin – a range of swipe-files and so on for CPE – that’s Copy, Paste, Edit – and they’re all yours and ready to go. From story structures to slide templates…

You can get to these via the community, all signposted nicely so you don’t have to worry about get

Monstrous discounts – your money back just on their own!

Awesome though the Academy is, there’s always more you can do, so if you want to get Bigger, Brighter, Better, you can use your Academy membership to get up to 30% discounts on things like

  • StoryMaking Residentials – live retreats to really nail things down in an overnight workshop experience
  • StoryMaking Accelerator – an intense, online three week challenge and training program (full price £2250)
  • Presentation Design Pack – a physical product that talks you step by step through how to structure your presentation (full price £125)

Almost a forest

You might never have thought about it but the Internet is a tremendous polluter. All the computers you’re using in the cloud have to live somewhere, right? So for everyone who joins the StoryMaking Academy we’ll plant a tree. Our aim is to make the Academy carbon neutral!

Who’s your host?

I’m Simon. Technically I’m Dr Simon Raybould, but one of my daughters described a PhD as “a bit like a Brownie badge but slightly harder“. I’ve been a presentations trainer for nearly 20 years and before that I was a research scientist for two and a half decades. That means I don’t do the fluffy stuff. I do the researched science of what works most, for most people, most of the time. (Yes, there are exceptions and I’ll show you how to deal with those too.)

I’ve written a few books on the subject. “Presentation Genius” was a best seller and got to number six on the high street… One place under Alan Sugar’s autobiography!

I’m also the storytelling trainer of choice for professionals. My workshop at last year’s international conference of the Professional Speaking Association of UK & Ireland got a standing ovation and was described by next year’s President as her “highlight of the conference”. That’s an ovation for a workshop, not a keynote!

And yes, that’s some of the content I’ll be including in the Academy.

And as a result, I’m on the MainStage this year for them. And yes, again, the stuff I’m teaching to a couple of hundred of the world’s best professionals is what I’ll be including for you, too.

Want to see some of my free stuff? Check out what I post on LinkedIn as a good starter. Or see a few of the testimonials I’ve squeezed in, below.

Testimonials, reviews and “what do other people think?” stuff!

What do I have to do right now?

Right now, all you have to do is tell me you’re interested! There’s no commitment – I just want to keep you in the loop.